Dermastir Night Cream: The New Generation Of Night Creams

Dermastir Luxury has developed a new generation of night cream, allowing your skin to be more compact, smoother, denser and visibly younger every morning. Indeed, during the night your skin has different needs than during the day; that’s why it’s important to make sure you are using the good products before going to sleep.

Your skin cells are regenerating and the trans-epidermal water loss process is stronger during the night, meaning you need extra moisture if you want a glowing complexion in the morning.

Enriched with night detoxifying and draining elements: algae extracts, phyto-extracts and oligo-elements, the Dermastir Night Cream is your perfect ally to wake up with a flawless skin. These new generation ingredients help your skin to get deeply moisturized, protect it from harmful microorganisms, help the skin regeneration and relax your facial muscles responsible of wrinkles.

Dermastir Night Cream is therefore a new generation of night cream that will help you to prevent the signs of ageing overnight.