New Generation Acid Peels

Dermastir is proud to present a new generation of peptide peels. Dermastir Acid Peels have a unique combination of peptides with the chemical peel. The results of the resurfacing of the skin are obtained using less aggressive chemicals compared to other brands. The safety profile of peptide peels is better since there are fewer side effects and interactions. The collection consists of Dermastir AHA Peptide Peeling 30% Gel pH 3 and Dermastir BHA Peptide Peeling 20% Gel pH 3. They can be used in order to lighten pigmentation, even out the skin tone, lighten acne blemishes, brighten the skin, increase collagen and elastin production and diminish wrinkles.

It is always advised to seek professional help from a dermatologist, an aesthetic doctor or a healthcare professional on how to use a chemical peel before a procedure is performed..