Project Description


Eye & Lip Contour, Collagen,

Luxury, Scar Repair & Vitamin C

Dermastir Post-Fillers by Alta Care Laboratoires penetrate immediately into the skin to supply ingredients at high concentrations. A combination of soluble collagen and antiseptic ingredients penetrate the skin without the need of any needles. The soluble particles are visible to the naked eye but they still penetrate deep into the skin by means of the technology.


No Needles Treatment

Collagen Post-Filler is a high performance, wrinkle treatment that corrects moderate to deep facial wrinkles and nasolabial folds.
Eye & Lip Post-Filler is an innovative product for instant anti-wrinkle, dark circles and fine lines treatment.
Scar Repair Post-Filler sculpts the skin by adding volume, reduces the size and the appearance of scars.
Vitamin C Post-Filler is an anti-oxidant whitening treatment with a 25% of solid Vitamin C that can be mixed with a day cream.