//Dermastir Ampoules – Zinc Gluconate

Dermastir Ampoules – Zinc Gluconate


Zinc Gluconate is a combination of zinc with a form of glucose. Zinc is a very precious mineral in skin care: it repairs damaged tissues, acts as an astringent, prevents and alleviates inflammation by balancing sebum production. It can also help heal acne lesions and lower the incidence of scarring after acne outbreaks. Zinc is also used in hair preparations against dandruff and fungal infections. Presented in glass ampoules, Dermastir Luxury Zinc Gluconate can be applied topically on affected areas or on the whole face as well as mixed in a mask.

  • Zinc is one element that is essential for healthy skin
  • Wound healing
  • Zinc acts as an astringent and helps in the treatment of acne
  • Dandruff treatment



Zinc gluconate is the salt of gluconate and zinc II. It is an ionic compound consisting of two moles of gluconate for each mole of zinc. Zinc is an important element that is found in every cell in the body. More than 300 enzymes in the body need zinc in order to function properly. Although the amount of zinc we need in our daily diet is tiny, it’s very important that we get it.

WOUND HEALING One benefit of zinc for skin is in the area of wound healing. Oral zinc supplements help heal bed sores, skin ulcers, cold sores, canker sores, surgical incisions, burns, and a variety of other skin irritations. Topical treatments are also used for wound healing. Zinc is a mineral that the body requires for the synthesis of collagen, which is a requirement for the healing of skin wounds. Zinc is also a component in the proper functioning of enzymes that are required by the body to repair skin wounds.

MILD ASTRINGENT The benefit of zinc as a mild astringent is well noted. An astringent is a chemical substance that shrinks pores, constricts, or tightens body tissues. Zinc oxide has this mild astringent property. It acts as a skin-drying agent and can act as a skin anti-inflammatory. Zinc oxide also helps sooth the skin from itching, rashes, and moist skin conditions such as diaper rash.

ACNE Another often stated benefit of zinc is in the treatment and prevention of acne. Zinc in the form of zinc gluconate or zinc sulphate is thought to help heal acne blemishes, reduce inflammation caused by acne, and reduce androgenic hormonal effects on skin that contribute to acne breakouts or in other words help regulate the skin’s oil gland activity.


Break the top of the skincare ampoule. Distribute the precious serum directly on the skin or mix in a cream or in a mask. Massage delicately on the interested areas until completely absorbed.


  1. Apply one skincare ampoule every seven days for a month.
  2. To consolidate the obtained results repeat phase 1.


  1.  Apply one skincare ampoule every three days for a month.
  2.  To consolidate the obtained results repeat phase 1.

WARNINGS: Do not expose yourself to the sun. Avoid contact with eyes and in case rinse with water. The skincare ampoule tip must be broken by using a piece of cloth.



The unique formula of the mask produces a protective barrier and collagen production is stimulated. The mask is hydrophilic and it diminishes the TEWL since it can retain moisture levels up to 100 times its own dry weight. The formula was created to inhibit enzymes that break down hyaluronic, collagen and elastin in the skin.


Additional information

Weight120 g

3ml x 10




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