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Dermastir Wrinkle Filler is an instant anti-wrinkle treatment with a dual action: a filling action that fills the wrinkle, and the myorelaxing action that can relax wrinkles. Dermastir Wrinkle Filler is able to relax and smooth out both superficial and deep facial wrinkles. Dermastir Wrinkle Filler reduces expression lines and wrinkles immediately after application; it reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead, it counteracts the relaxation of the eyelid and makes expression lines around the eyes and around the lips less visible. It can also reduce the appearance of skin blemishes such as acne scars, stretch-marks, rosacea and large pores, since the volume of the dermal matrix increases by three times when compared to the norm.

  • The main strength of the product is the combination of filling ingredients with muscle relaxants in one formula

  • It increases the volume of the dermal matrix; in other words, the levels of hyaluronic acid, collagen and fibronectin are three times higher than average

  • Fills in wrinkles with results that are immediately visible after an hour from application

  • An immediate firming and contouring of the face is visible soon after application of the product, giving extraordinary firmness and elasticity to the skin tissue. (Surface wrinkles are smoothened and the deep ones reduced)

  • Product chosen by cosmetic surgeons as a post-operative treatment after botox and fillers


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The use of Dermastir Wrinkle Filler is recommended following plastic surgery as its muscle relaxant action is 100% safe and there is no risk of side-effects. Dermastir Wrinkle Filler is a cream with a rich texture and its immediate muscle relaxant effect as well as its filler action smoothen your face perfectly and reduce the depth of wrinkles (from the inside).

This rich wrinkle filler, with anti-wrinkle and muscle relaxant properties, is presented in elegant airless packaging that preserves the ingredients from oxidation, heat, bacteria and light, keeping their properties intact from the first to the very last application.

Protects the cream after opening

Protects the product from oxidation
Protects the product from conductive heat
Protects the product from infrared rays and radiant heat
Filler Effect, Fills Wrinkles
Myorelaxing action – Botox
Nourishing and Repairing Effect
Increases Threefold the Volume of the Skin Matrix


Suitable for all types of skin and all ages. Apply the instantaneous filler day and night on all the wrinkles of the face and neck; also suitable for post-plastic surgery.



The unique formula of the mask produces a protective barrier and collagen production is stimulated. The mask is hydrophilic and it diminishes the TEWL since it can retain moisture levels up to 100 times its own dry weight. The formula was created to inhibit enzymes that break down hyaluronic, collagen and elastin in the skin.


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