//Dermastir Massage Candle Oil – Peach 150g

Dermastir Massage Candle Oil – Peach 150g


Dermastir massage candle oil is a complementary therapy that, when applied with love and care on affected area, can evoke many beneficial changes within the body, mind, and spirit of the whole person. Massage is a powerful treatment precisely because it works on both the physical and psychological levels. While the hand strokes of massage can ease pain or tension from stiff and aching muscles, boost a sluggish circulation, or eliminate toxins, the nurturing touch of the hands on the body soothes away mental stress and restores emotional equilibrium at the same time. Especially beneficial is thus a massage with the pure massage oils of Dermastir Candle Massage Oils.

  • Candle oil can be applied and massaged onto the skin
  • When applied to the skin in the form of “massage oils”, besides moisturizing, toning and relaxing, they also activate thermal receptors
  • 4 perfumes: Amber, Vanilla, Peach and Patchouli
  • Soya oil with high Omega concentration
  • Melts and keeps a temperature of 40°C and therefore the skin is not burnt
  • The candle wick is made of hemp that is lead free
  • Hydrating properties of Dermastir candle oil are remarkable
  • Leaves a pleasant smell in the room

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Dermastir massage candles are presented in 4 fragrances: Amber, Vanilla, Peach and Patchouli; these fragrances are made in Grasse, France, referred to as “the perfume Capital” where you create unique fragrances in the world. The customer can choose the fragrance according to his personal taste. The candles contain top-quality Soya oil, with high concentrations of isoflavones. Candles are used in combination with Dermastir Luxury serums and this guarantees a better penetration and a longer lasting efficacy of the active ingredients in the same sera. The special property of candle oil is that it melts and keeps a temperature of 40C and therefore the skin is not burnt when it is massaged into the skin, but at the same time it gives off enough heat to relieve muscle tension, hydrating and nourishing the skin.


Ideal for all skin types.


  1. Remove the metal cap
  2. Light the candle and wait untile it melts
  3. Apply during the massage



Collagen is a natural protein that provides structural support. It is found throughout the body – in skin, muscle, tendon, and bone. Fibres of collagen are woven together like threads in fabric to form a framework into which new cells can grow. In the skin, collagen provides texture, resiliency, and shape.


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